The Auditorium is a versatile 5,000 square feet of space with a balcony, stage and adjacent Green Room. It has a maximum occupancy of 1000 persons (standing). All audience standing surfaces are level. The 468 square foot Green Room has leather seating, sink and countertop/cabinetry, and private bathroom with wheelchair-accessible walk-in shower. Additional artist and production rooms are available.

The auditorium has a ceiling height of 29 ft with steel joists at ~25.5’ The stage is 1,842 s.f. of sealed, black concrete, poured over metal deck, supported by heavy gauge steel studs. It is 48" tall from the auditorium floor. The performance area is 52’W x 23’D with approximately 16’ x 20’ side wings for monitor position, storage, etc. The proscenium opening is 46’ W x 17’ 7" tall from the stage floor, 21’ 7" tall from the auditorium floor.

Auditorium Floor Load-In: double doors with no center post at SW corner of building. Advanced notice is required to cone-off parking spaces in front of these doors.

Stage Load-In: 8’ W x 12’ H section door located at NW corner of building (stage is 4’ from ground leaving 8’ height clearance from stage floor). Truck trailer accessible with a dock plate. Vehicles longer than 20’ must unload and park elsewhere. Two pedestrian staircases at NW and SW corners of building.

Audio: 200A three phase camlock located DSR
Lighting: 200A three phase camlock located DSR
Auxiliary: 60A three phase camlock located DSL

Mains: Four-way SLS Line Array: six LS8800 mid/high modules, three LSB8115 low modules, rigged on motors, and two 218EL subs per side. Processing by Ashly Protea 4.24C.

Amplification: Lab.gruppen fP series.

FOH Console (position flexible): Midas Verona 48 mic/line + 8 mic/stereo line, switchable TRS inserts (tip send, ring return), direct outs, sweepable high-pass filter, 4 band semi-parametric EQ, 8 aux, 8 group, 4 matrix, 4 mute groups.

FOH Processing: 12 channels DBX 266XL, 4 channels BSS DPR-402, 6 channels Drawmer DS201, TC Electronic D-Two, TC Electronic M One XL

Mics/DI's/Cabling: Shure SM57/SM58/Beta58, Shure Beta 58 wireless handheld, Shure Beta 87 wireless handheld, two Sennheiser e609 silver (re-issue), four Sennheiser e835, three Audix D-2, one Audix D-4, one Audix D-6, two Audix ADX-51, four Audio Technica Pro 35AX, four mono Radial passive DI's, two stereo Radial passive DI's.

Snake: 48 x 8 Whirlwind passive split snake.

Monitors: 8 Mackie SRM450 self-powered, bi-amplified monitors.

Monitor Console (positioned SR): Midas Vienna 48 mic/line, switchable TRS inserts, direct outs, sweepable high-pass filter, 4 band semi-parametric EQ, 16 mix groups (8 stereo configurable), 5 mute groups.

Concert Lighting: 24 2.4KW per channel Leprecon MX-2400 touring dimmer rack, 24 1000W Par 64 upstage truss, 24 1000W Par 64 downstage truss, both on motors; Leprecon LP 1600 24/48 Plus console positioned near FOH console. 5 pin DMX. 

House Lighting: Separate control over house, balcony, and stage using concert lighting console. 5 pin DMX.